is scam or legit is a new NFT platform promising an official digital version of world-famous art masterpieces. They currently have sales for various NFT tokens listed on the website and there is great anticipation in the market for them.  

However, as with all NFT projects, many NFT enthusiasts are raising the question, is it a scam? This is a question that is completely valid given the nature of the NFT world and the sheer number of scams that go around surrounding it. So, in this detailed article, we will share our thoughts on the matter and discuss how is a completely safe project and shed some light on how to detect a scam NFT project

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get to the chase. 

Is a scam?- Signs to look out for is a completely regulated and safe NFT platform for both investors and entrepreneurs who are willing to sell their collections. One major sign to look out for in a scam NFT project is the level of anonymity surrounding the people who regulate the platform. is registered in the United States Virgin Islands and offers all details about its company profile on the website. Although many NFT platforms make it difficult to access this information, is an exception and offers anyone to learn more about their team. 

Another red flag in any scam NFT project is their unwillingness to invest in the project after their first draw. Instead, is constantly working hard to make its platform accessible for everyone by focusing on long-term sustainability instead of short-term gains. There is constant activity in the platform, unlike many scammy websites that offer little to no activity once the initial phase passes. 

Is a safe platform?

In terms of security, makes no compromise and equips its platform with the latest security features to ensure its integrity. The platform also offers a secured connection, ensuring that all of your sensitive data like banking information is completely safe and not even employees can access them. The servers directly receive the data, meaning any cyber criminals trying to intercept the connection will have a hard time infiltrating the system. And thanks to all the latest security features, has not yet faced any security vulnerability unlike many of the competitors. 

However, there is no escaping the fact that in today’s world cybercriminals will keep on digging in hopes of finding vulnerabilities to infiltrate the system. also has a recovery plan in place in case you do click on any unwanted links which may compromise your security. also offers many educational blogs which should help educate users on possible frauds and how they can stay from these scams. 

So, when asked the question is a scam, the answer is it’s completely safe and anyone wishing to invest should not be worried. However, if you share your password with others or if cybercriminals manage to steal your passwords you may be subjected to monetary loss and will not bear any responsibility. It is therefore highly recommended to learn all about the latest security threats and stay up to date with the latest security trends. Keep an eye on our blogs to learn more.  

Is legit? 

Now that we have established that is not a scam, it is equally important to address whether is legit and can you really earn money out of it. 

It is true that not all NFT tokens will make money. NFT is not a get-rich-quick scheme, instead, it is an investment where you have to find the right NFT and hold on to it for future gains. So, in that vein, Yes, is completely legit and people around the world have been making use of the platform. And because offers digital versions of different masterpieces, you will likely make your money worth it. is also certified by Gaming Laboratories International to ensure the highest security and guarantee 100% fairness of the drawing process. Overall it’s safe to say is completely legit and is not going to change anytime soon. To learn more check review

Check common red flags to look out for in new NFT project 

When determining the trustworthiness of an NFT project, always consider the following factors:

Support from third-party NFT wallets

Major NFT wallets usually are quick to pick up scam NFT projects and warn users about the legitimacy of the project. If your favorite NFT wallet is showing concern about a particular NFT project, it is usually a red flag. You can learn more about NFT wallet on our best NFT wallet review. 

Contact information

Legitimate websites, such as typically provide clear contact information, including a physical address, email address, and telephone number. Check if this information is readily available on the website. An anonymous NFT project is usually an early sign of a scam. 

Secure connection

Ensure that the website has a secure connection, indicated by “https” in the URL and a padlock icon in the browser address bar. Unsecured websites are usually the biggest red flag and reputed websites like have secured “https” as discussed earlier as it signifies that the website encrypts data and protects it from unauthorized access.

Payment methods

Check if the website offers secure payment options. Legitimate websites often provide recognized and secure payment gateways, such as PayPal or credit card processors. Be cautious of websites that only accept unconventional payment methods only like an all-crypto deposit option. 

Trust seals and certifications

Look for trust seals or certifications from reputable organizations, such as SSL certificates, McAfee Secure, or Gaming Laboratories International. These symbols indicate that the website has met certain security and reliability standards.

Website design and functionality

Legitimate websites typically invest in professional design and functionality. Poorly designed websites, with numerous errors, spelling mistakes, or broken links, may indicate a lack of professionalism or credibility. 

Final words 

There is no denying that the rise of NFTs has revamped many industries by opening new revenue streams for both artists and investors. Not just that NFTs can now be used for a whole host of other use cases, read about NFT as a tool to prove the authenticity of physical products by clicking here

But with so many new possibilities, there will always be scams and fake projects that you must look out for. Our detailed guide should help you determine whether an NFT project is a scam or not but do remember, cybercriminals are always evolving and therefore it is best to keep yourself updated on the latest NFT trends